Arretche Farms was founded by a Basque-American family, Andre, Vicenta y Clara Arretche in the 1940’s. Andre and brothers had settled in central New Mexico from Aldudes, France. Their sheep ranch was hit by successive snow storms which twice froze their flock solid. They moved to Albuquerque’s sparsely populated north valley and farmed grapes and alfalfa, and also raised chickens and rabbits on their two acre farm. The farm land was renovated in 2012 into a drip irrigated solar farm which grows a variety of perennials, annual vegetables, fruits, melons and berries.

Arretche Farms now cultivates healthy vegetables grown without the use of pesticides and laboratory nutrients but using OMRI approved methods. Organic seeds, organic compost, New Mexico sunshine, well water pumped by renewable PV (Photovoltaic) solar energy, and loving care are used to grow our crops. Toads, lizards, worms, chickens, roadrunners, and lady bugs help to naturally control pests. This simple recipe for natural, healthy, and cleanly-produced food not only nourishes our body, but is gentle to our environment.